Melbourne Ophthalmologist specialising in Cataract, Glaucoma and Pterygium Surgery

Dr Tran is a Melbourne-based eye surgeon, specialising in glaucoma, pterygium and cataract surgery.

Dr Tran is a specialist consultant in the Glaucoma Investigative Research Unit (GIRU) at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH). She also practices privately at multiple eye clinics across Melbourne, where she aims to provide the highest possible level of eye care to her patients.

Dr Tran is passionate about her patients and their eye health. At the heart of her practice are two core values: providing complete eye care with personalised & ethical patient care.

Complete Eye Care

Whether the desired result is improved sight, improved eye health, treatment of a temporary complaint or management of a long term disorder, Dr Tran actively works with both the patient and the wider healthcare network including Optometrists, General Practitioners and other sub-specialists to provide 'complete' care that is holistic and comprehensive.   

Dr Tran has a particular focus on the early detection and management of eye diseases and is active in the education of eye care professionals to increase awareness of early signs of detection. She is an advocate of regular eye examinations to detect vision-threatening diseases early, providing a better chance of treating, or even curing, the disease.

Personalised Patient Care

Patient advocacy is an integral part of Dr Tran's practice. Patients' concerns and best interests are at the core of all decisions and interactions.

Dr Tran takes the time to discuss any test or assessment results, fully explaining the condition and what it means, the treatment options available and the expected (realistic) outcomes. 

She ensures all her patients are actively involved in their own health care decision making, providing patients with the relevant information to make 'informed' decisions.

Eye care is long term. Dr Tran aims to build long term relationships with her patients, based on a foundation of trust and respect, to ensure that long term management plans have the best chance of success.